I’m the reason for the decrease in morality

I don’t plan on this being an opinionated blog where I write about current events. That sort of post would more than likely be found here. However, the Lord laid on my heart a topic that flows with a current event the United States is facing and I feel it best fits on this blog.

As I watched Isaac demolish his yogurt while sitting at his “Isaac-sized” table – his feet barely touching the ground – I became overwhelmed with love for him. His laugh makes my heart skip a beat and his love for people makes me proud. But then I was reminded of a question a friend asked me not long after having Isaac. The question will forever remain in my head because it struck me as odd that she would even ask. But the part that really struck me was her response to me after I answered her question —

Friend: Did you contemplate abortion when you were pregnant?
Me: No, not even once.
Friend: If I got pregnant now, I would abort.

I look at my son and reflect on how different my life is since he was born. My entire group of friends changed. My life habits altered. My life no longer was solely about me, but also about another life. I suddenly had loads and loads of responsibility.

When he gets sick, I have to put a halt on my everyday plans (and maybe even take off of work) to take care of him.

When he’s hungry, I have to stop and feed him.
It now takes an extra 10-15 minutes to dress him before rushing out the door.
I even have to learn how to share because he takes my food and headphones all the time.

The interesting thing I realized after reflecting on reasons to abort is that the only “possible reasons” focused on me. Never once was a possible reason for abortion about helping Isaac. The only reason I could come up with is that Isaac would have been an inconvenience to me. I’m a single mom who can be considered low income. I work full time and have bills to pay. According to some, I had an excuse to abort — Isaac would’ve had a hard life with his parents being separated and his mom always having to work. However, I chose to give Isaac the option of life. It’s now up to him to decide if his life is hard or not.

I have no intention of getting into the debate of abortion and whether it’s right or not in certain cases. I’m simply reflecting on my own life and hoping it sheds a light in your life. I will never condemn someone who had or is contemplating an abortion. All I can do is voice my experience and hope that women will change their minds.

12 weeks gestation
Compare the size of this 12 week old baby to a Burt’s Bees chapstick

When I was pregnant, a sweet friend of mine gave me this rubber baby. He told me this is a baby at twelve weeks gestation. A baby’s heart starts beating in the mother’s womb 18 days after conception. Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until around 8 weeks gestation. According to the CDC, 91% of abortions happen between 8 and 14 weeks of gestation. Check it out for yourself. Roughly 1,346,574,500 lives around this size were never given a chance to live. That’s a lot of beating hearts that people seem to convince themselves is not really a life.

Not one person could convince me a baby in the womb isn’t a life. I believe the problem America is facing isn’t about abortion — it’s about morals. People are losing their base for morality. Who’s to say what murder is? Who’s to say what a life is? Who’s to say what marriage is? How about love? What are rules and why is one person allowed to set them? These are thoughts American citizens are thinking and it’s what I believe is driving away their conscience. If murder is okay for some people, then some people don’t need to feel guilty when they commit murder. If cheating on a spouse is okay for some people, then some people won’t feel bad when they sleep with multiple people even while married. If some people believe a life is only a life when it’s completely out of the mother’s womb, then some people will believe killing it before it breathes air is okay.

Children are a blessing, so why do we believe killing them is okay? It’s like we’re telling God we don’t need His gift of a child.

I blame a loss of morals on myself. On Christians. On churches. Why did we step back and not speak up when recognizing lives were being murdered? Why do we elect political leaders that support murdering a child? Why do we think it’s okay to only live out part of what the Bible says and not the whole thing? Christians need to rise up and stand for the voiceless generation that will never see the light of day. It’s time to wake up and remind people that morals are what keep people sane. When the morality issue is addressed in the United States, then I believe there will be a dramatic decrease in abortion.

Abortion wasn’t an option when I was pregnant and it still wouldn’t be an option if I could do it all over again. I think of my friend’s question and my heart breaks. I’m burdened with sadness at the thought that there are millions of women who felt they had no option but to abort their child.
While the uprise of information about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts is blowing up the media, it’s important to remember that those baby parts were people’s children. Some maybe didn’t know anything about abortion procedures. Maybe some didn’t realize Planned Parenthood would sell their baby’s parts. Now they’re being reminded of how they terminated their child’s life. They’re reminded of what they did on an impulsive choice.

Despite what they did, it’s important to remember we’re all people doing life together. Please love on those that have had an abortion. There’s absolutely zero reasons to condemn a person that had an abortion. When I hear comments about what’s going on with Planned Parenthood, some are rather hateful – not just towards PP, but against the women that consented for the abortions. I’m also finding that those spewing hate are typically parents.
I completely understand that some parents don’t understand how a person could abort their child. I’m a parent and partly don’t understand it either. But we have no right to judge another person. Maybe if we love and pray for those contemplating abortion, then they won’t go through with the abortion. Instead of spending time looking down on people, let’s spend time praying and uplifting each person that is thinking about having an abortion. Let’s pray they not only change their minds, but see the beauty of life and the love that comes from being a parent.

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