Momma can wear heels, too

Since relocating to Texas, I’ve discovered a new found love for high heels. There’s something about high heels that gives a woman a sense of sophistication and class. Of course, they aren’t for everyone, but for those mom’s that think they can’t pull them off… Think again. Heels are a great accessory for momma’s who want to feel feminine again.

I remember the first year after having my little man. I struggled with trying to regain my fashion sense and feeling feminine. Something about becoming a full time parent made me not care so much about my appearances. Now that I’m past phase 1 of parenthood, it’s been great regaining my fashion sense.

Rule #1 as a mom: put the heels back on!

Here’s an easy, casual outfit that was super comfortable and still made me feel feminine.  Articles of clothing: Layered undershirts, oversized polka-dot shirt, rolled skinny jeans, neutral colored heels, gold link watch, necklace, oversized earrings, and a couple rings.


What I love about this outfit is that it’s not revealing and it’s still stylish. I find that sometimes momma’s think that they can’t dress trendy because they think trendy means being revealing. That is farrrrrrr from the truth.

For this outfit, you can also switch up the jewelry and shoe color. I like to change from these neutral heels to my pink heels. They add an extra WOW factor. 😉

Switch it up and show me your creations! I’d love to see them.



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