Relaxed toddler

My favorite season is Fall. Not just because of it being the start of the holidays. It’s not even because of the pumpkin spice lattes (believe it or not). It’s because of the clothes. I love fall fashion! Ankle boots and scarves and hats and coats… oh my! So when it came to writing a blog post about toddler fashion for boys in the fall, I was all over it.

For today’s post, I’m going to discuss a fall outfit for toddlers that want to look cute, but still want to act like toddlers. It IS possible to dress a toddler fashionably, while still giving them the freedom to run around and be the wild children they are.


What I love most about this outfit is that Isaac loved it! He wasn’t trying to undress himself half way through the day. He never complained of being too hot or uncomfortable (which he sometimes does when he’s dressed in nicer attire).


Check out that mile-high-poof of hair!

Everything Isaac is wearing (minus the watch) came from The Children’s Place. It’s definitely my new favorite place to shop. They also have this crazy-awesome sale going on for the holidays — everything is 40%-75% off! Ummm, can sales get any better than that?! Wait, yes they can! When you sign up for The Children’s Place e-newsletter, you’re automatically placed in their system to start receiving points every time you shop with them.  Points add up to eventually put money back in your pocket!  Just for shopping there, I received $50 cash back on my next purchase!  You should definitely check them out.

Here is a complete list of the clothing Isaac is modeling in his above photo:

  1. Mommy’s Tough Guy Graphic Tee – $4.75 (regularly $9.50)
  2. Long Sleeve Button-Down Flannel Shirt – $11.97 (regularly $19.95)
  3. Black Skinny Jeans – $9.90 (regularly $16.50)
  4. Wave Indie Sneaker – $22.46 (regularly $29.95 — I couldn’t find the exact shoes online, but these are pretty similar)
  5. Marvel Vintage Watch – $25.49 (This came from Target — I couldn’t locate the exact Batman watch, but this one is similar)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

This outfit is fairly easy to put together. First off, skinny jeans can be warn with basically any type of shoe. Because the shoes Isaac is wearing are hi-tops, I rolled the jeans.  If they were unrolled, the shoe would no longer be seen as a hi-top; instead, it would look like an average tennis shoe. Secondly, roll the sleeves! By rolling the sleeves of the two shirts together (making the undershirt visible in the roll), it makes the outfit look more complete.  There are times when rolling sleeves aren’t necessary, but because I wanted this outfit to look more relaxed, rolling was necessary.  Thirdly, make sure your toddler loves what he’s wearing!  This is one thing I’m probably going to say over and over again until I sound like a broken record.  I’m definitely guilty of persuading Isaac to choose a different pair of shoes or a different tie from what he picks.  But one thing I know is when he’s wearing something he likes (or something he picks), he doesn’t complain about being uncomfortable/want to change clothes/take shoes off.

Take advantage of sales.  If you’re a mom or dad to multiple children and it’s too difficult to shop in stores, then try online shopping.  I’ll admit 85% of Isaac’s wardrobe was purchased online.

Go have fun shopping for your toddler(s)! I’d love to see what outfits you come up with. Please feel free to share any feedback or comments below.


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