Memoirs of a newsboy

The little newsboy is at it again! He’s dashing and sweet and ready to spill the news about where he found his newest outfit!

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In case you haven’t noticed, I usually use a lot of the same base clothes for Isaac; however, I change his accessories in order to give the outfit an entirely different look. In doing this, it saves on time (and money!).

  • The tan, skinny, chino pants above were purchased at The Children’s Place (shocker there).  The best news of all? They were only $10.00! Also, if your little one attends a school that requires a uniform, then these pants double as uniform pants and every day pants.
  • The navy blue suspenders came from What I love about Isaac’s suspenders is that they’re adjustable.  I bought them a year ago and he can still wear them to this day.  I suspect he’ll still be able to wear them for at least another year due to how much they’re able to adjust.
  • His Newsboy cap came from Target for all of $8.00. It can be worn time and time again with almost anything. Side note: I’m a major hat fan.  Hats can be worn with almost any outfit.  If I find a hat that’s on sale or unrealistically cheap, I’m most likely going to purchase it because of how versatile of an accessory hats are to an outfit. 

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  • Even though I’m a huge fan of hats, my favorite accessory Isaac’s wearing is the bow tie. The reason is because this particular tie came in a pack of five from for only $14! If you’ve ever purchased a toddler tie, you know that the usual price of one tie is $15.00 minimum. Again, if I see a good bargain, I’m going to jump on it.  Of course, when you purchase something that’s cheaper, you run the risk of buying something that’s not as nice.  BUT, this tie set is a necessity because it’s affordable AND nicely made.  I REPEAT —  if you have a need for toddler bow ties, I highly recommend this set (or any of the other six sets that come in packs of five)!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

  • I wish I could remember where I purchased Isaac’s button down white shirt, but I honestly have no idea.  I usually buy one (and sometimes two) sizes larger in shirts to make them last longer.  I’m pretty sure we’ve owned this particular button down for 1.5 years.  I’d say it’s probably time to buy a new one, but when it’s still wearable, why buy another? 😉
  • The gray pair of converse Isaac is sporting in the above picture came from Rack Room Shoes.  I’ll admit the one accessory I spend the most money on for Isaac is shoes. I’ve found that when I spend less on shoes, they fall apart much quicker than a pair that’s just a little more costly.  These converse have been through hell and back and still look good as new.  Occasionally I have to wipe the white rubber tips clean, but when I do, they look like a brand new pair of shoes! This particular pair of Chucks was $30.00.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

What are your thoughts? Do you have a particular accessory you prefer to use for your little boo? Feel free to add your feedback below!


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