I have a confession to make — I yelled at Isaac. And not the soft “yell” that’s really more like talking loudly. This was a full blown, out of control, LOUD and direct yell at my son.

I love him to death, but there are definitely days that I’m not as gracious with him. Don’t get me wrong, Isaac’s a REALLY great kid. He’s usually well-behaved and has manners. But he’s also extremely silly. He’s my clown that keeps everyone laughing, but sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop… Even when I’m in the middle of trying to correct his behavior, he makes a joke or acts silly/loopy/delirious. The one thing I can’t stand from Isaac is disrespect. When I’m in the middle of trying to correct him, I expect him to look at me in the eyes and reply “yes ma’am” to what I say. He knows this full well and will *occasionally* purposely act silly because he knows it gets a rise out of me.

On this one particular morning Isaac woke up extra silly (and I woke up extra grumpy). I was running late for work and knew we needed to hurry in order to make it to school and work on time. Isaac wasn’t down with that. He wanted to laugh and run around and take it easy. I wasn’t having it. After trying to correct him and entice him and even bribe him, I decided to yell at him.
He froze in his tracks for half a second then continued doing what he was doing. Yelling solved nothing. All it did was make me feel like I deserved the-worst-mom-of-the-year-award.

When praying in my quiet time later that evening, the Lord revealed to me that I’m not perfect. I’m going to make mistakes. I’m going to have grumpy mornings. I’m going to get frustrated with Isaac. But it’s how I bounce back after those mistakes that proves who I am as a mother, but more importantly, who I am as a child of God.

If you experienced a time in your parenting walk when you felt like you failed miserably, don’t let that mistake define who you are. None of us are perfect; therefore, none of us can live a perfect life. It’s okay to mess up sometimes. I believe that messing up is a great reminder that we can’t do life alone — we need Jesus. As Chris Rice put it in his song, Untitled Hymn:

“And like a new born baby,
Don’t be afraid to crawl.
And remember when you walk sometimes we fall.
So fall on Jesus.”

Have you made a parenting no-no lately?  Do you have any thoughts on the subject? Please feel free to share. Your thoughts and encouragement may benefit someone currently struggling with disciplining their child.



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